Makanai Stainless Steel Utility Bowls


Elegant in both form and function, this award-winning stainless steel bowl set provides for a multitude of culinary needs from the perfect mixing bowl for baked goods to a lidded vessel for easily tossing salads. Featuring an unrolled lip, which prevents residue buildup while allowing for easy pouring, and a heavier weighted bottom to provide greater stability.

Strainer lid can be used to drain moisture off of freshly washed produce or as a protective but breathable cover, and solid plate lid can be used as a fitted lid for storage in the refrigerator or separately as a handsome serving tray.

Smaller sizes can nest comfortably inside larger sizes for ideal storage.

Materials: Stainless steel.

Made in Japan.

Small measures 5.5" diameter, 3" tall. Medium measures 7" diameter, 4" tall. Large measures 9" diameter, 5" tall.