Ihada Brass Shelf Brackets

MADE TO ORDER: Lead Time Varies

Elegant and timeless, these sand-casted brass shelf brackets are designed to age beautifully and last a lifetime. Ihada brass is revered for the subtle patina it develops over time, slowly transforming and becoming more tied to people and place, deepening in both complexity and meaning.

Available in four styles: Slot, Curve, Soft Scallop, and Paper Holder. Select a variation from the dropdown menu to see each style. The Slot style is modular and can be used with or without a rod for hanging.

Each set comes with two brackets, two supporting parts, and brass minus screws. Rod sold separately.

Part of Futagami's Matureware line of artisan crafted hardware.

Based in Takaoka, Japan, Futagami has been crafting brass goods since 1897. With origins in Buddhist brass tradition, they maintain true to their roots with an unwavering attention to quality craftsmanship while exploring modern homeware aesthetics.

Materials: Lead-free brass brackets, lead-free brass pipe, lead-free brass screws.

Designed and made in Japan.


Medium slot brackets - 24mm x 100mm x 180mm
Large slot brackets - 24mm x 135mm x 240mm

Small curve bracket - 24mm x 75mm x 110mm
Medium curve brackets - 24mm x 100mm x 180mm
Large curve brackets - 24mm x 135mm x 240mm

Small soft scallop bracket - 120mm x 30mm x 65mm
Medium soft scallop bracket - 180mm x 30mm x 100mm

Small paper holder bracket - 161mm × 92.5mm × 110mm
Large paper holder bracket - 278mm × 92.5mm × 110mm

Notes: The wooden shelf pictured is not included.

LEAD TIME: Due to their popularity and the inherently slow nature of traditional manufacturing, production lead time may vary significantly, and is currently expected to be several months. Orders are produced in the order they are received, and cannot be cancelled.