Herd Supply Co.

Felted Wool Stain Stick


A 100% natural, unscented stain remover designed to clean hard-to-reach fabric stains and other unwanted spots on clothing and home textiles. Made from a simple formula with truly nontoxic, biodegradable materials, this stain remover stick with textured felted wool for grip makes it easy to clean up your laundry routine. 

To use: For light stains, simply rinse the garment in the area of the stain, scrub, and then let sit for about 15 minutes before rinsing. For heavier stains, follow the same instructions but let the soap sit on the garment overnight.

Informed by her intimate experience growing up on her family's sheep farm in Glastonbury, Connecticut, Leah Beckett founded Herd Supply Co. – a mission-driven business aiming to make use of high micron count, rough American wool which would otherwise go to waste, creating useful products that help reduce plastic production and pollution.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, lye, water, felted wool.

Made in Connecticut with wool sourced from small New England farms.

*Note: This is a harsh laundry soap and is not recommended for washing hands or for cleaning wool. It has been tested on a variety of undyed and synthetically dyed garments with no color bleeding, but we always recommend testing a small unseen part of your garment first before using, especially if the garment is naturally dyed.