De JONG & Co.

Wood Butter


Care for and condition your woodenwares with truly natural, petroleum byproduct-free, food-safe organic oils and waxes. This handmade, hand-poured formula is crafted by the De JONG woodworking studio, and designed to be used on dried out cutting boards, furniture, and any other wooden pieces around your home that could use a little extra TLC.

To use: Simply smear a dab across whatever item you're looking to give a refresh, and then rub off the excess with a soft, clean cloth in order to leave a silky smooth finish.

Based in Los Angeles, De JONG & Co. is truly a family affair – this design forward woodworks company is run by a family of 7. With combined histories in interior and furniture design, sculpture, and construction, the De Jongs have articulated a uniquely sophisticated collection of products for the contemporary home and lifestyle.

Materials: Organic walnut (Juglans) oil, organic orange (Citrus sinensis) oil, organic beeswax, candelilla (Euphorbia antisyphilitica) wax, organic carnauba (Copernicia prunifera) wax.

Made in Los Angeles.

Each hand-poured tin contains 4 oz.