Multipurpose Cedar Storage Chest


Handcrafted cedar storage containers, lined with galvanized steel and artfully pieced together using metal brackets and sealed at the seams with traditional shofu nori paper tape. Made exclusively from wood offcuts for maximum sustainability, the details of each box's exterior is unique, as the available wood dictates the path the artisan takes in each box's construction.

Designed to literally last a lifetime, if not generations, these are truly the pinnacle of plastic-free storage. Depending on the size, these can be ideal for storing tea, woolen wears, or family archives and heirlooms.⁠ Taller boxes make excellent side tables. Their construction is such that they're nearly airtight, and the combination of cedar and steel helps them keep out moisture, heat, light, moths, and other curious critters in a wide range of environments.⁠

Materials: Cedar, galvinized steel, paper, natural wheat adhesive.

Designed and handcrafted in Japan.

Measurements for each size are as follows:

5K Short: 350mm x 245mm x 140mm.

5K Tall: 350mm x 245mm x 265mm.

20KG Short: 515mm x 365mm x 215mm.

20KG Tall: 515mm x 365mm x 405mm.

40KG Short: 680mm x 435mm x 280mm.

40KG Tall: 680mm x 435mm x 485mm.