Hasami Porcelain

Coffee Dripper & Teapot in Unglazed Porcelain


Simple and unadorned, this minimalist pourover coffee system doubles as a teapot or coffee pot when the pourover top is removed. With a raw, organic appearance and handfeel, plus a satisfying weight, this Japanese Amakusa porcelain was designed with tactility and functionality in mind.

Left unglazed, it is simultaneously spare and rough around the edges. Not quite earthenware and not quite your standard fare porcelain, its unique organic texture lies comfortably in the grey area. Utilizing 400-year-old Japanese techniques, the raw pottery is fired at a high heat which creates a natural seal, eliminating the need for a glaze.

Dripper sits nested inside the teapot. Each element sold separately.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Note that as a natural product, color will vary slightly from piece to piece.

Pair with Ebb reusable coffee filter (V60) for a truly sustainable cup of coffee.

Utilizing pottery techniques dating back to the Edo period, Hasami Porcelain breaks the mold a bit – crafting modern, multifunctional tableware in a pared down, sleek Japanese aesthetic.

Materials: Unglazed porcelain and clay.

Designed in California, and made in Japan.

Teapot holds 5 cups of liquid.