Upcycled Multipurpose Horn Dish


Perfect as a pinch bowl for salt and spices, or as a tiny accessory bowl for jewelry on your desk or countertop. Impossibly smooth yet entirely handcrafted, each teardrop-shaped piece is unique. Use a set of them to beautifully present complex meals with a wide array of condiments, or on their own for a uniquely plated side dish.

As an entirely natural product, these horn dishes are biodegradable and can be composted at end of life.

Note that as horn is a natural material, the shape, as well as the color and pattern will vary from piece to piece, ranging from translucent, pale yellows to deep, solid blacks.

Sold individually.

A small family-owned enterprise, Hornvarefabrikken has been making high-quality natural horn products for home and body since 1935.

Materials: Cow horn.

Designed and made in Denmark from Danish or Nigerian cow horn.

Measures: ~2.5" diameter.