Paulownia Rice Storage Box


The ideal plastic-free storage container for your rice, this stunningly simple traditionally handcrafted box is made of paulownia wood – a material prized for its naturally lightweight, porous, antiseptic, and insect repellant qualities.

Precisely designed with a smooth and fitted lid that offers both an easy access slide panel for quick scoops of rice, as well as the ability to completely remove it for refilling or seasonal cleaning. Both beautiful and functional, this is a storage container perfect for countertop display.

An indicator of the fine craftsmanship of Kasukabe City in Saitama Prefecture, a region known for their paulownia products, this rice box is made solely of unfinished wood, without a single nail, fastener, hinge or metal fitting to aid in its construction.

Comes in two sizes, Medium (11 lb. capacity) and Large (22 lb. capacity). Both come with matching paulownia rice cup.

Materials: Unfinished Paulownia wood.

Designed and handcrafted in Japan.

Medium size measures 300mm x 240mm x 180 and holds 11 lb. Large size measures 300mm x 240mm x 270mm and holds 22 lb.