Daphnis & Chloe

Organic Aegean Isle Oregano


Whole blossom, hand-harvested, and naturally dried heirloom oregano grown on a small organic farm in the Aegean Islands. Tingling, herbaceous and refreshing, this is one of the most remarkable finishing oreganos you’ll find out there.

Traditionally used to marinate lamb and dark-skinned chicken, this unique island oregano works wonders on homemade pizza, grilled veggies, oily fish like sardines, or feta cheese.

To use, crush the blossoms just before use. Take a pinch in your palm and use your fingers to gently crumble into small bits. Typically 3-4 buds per person does the trick.

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Daphnis & Chloe is an Athens-based culinary herb and spice company dedicated to sourcing Mediterranean ingredients of the finest quality from small organic family farms.

Ingredients: Organic heirloom oregano (Origanum onites).

Grown in the Aegean Islands, and packed in Athens.

Each jar contains 0.32 oz.