Rikyu Tokusa Donabe

$65.00 $65.00

A classic donabe in gorgeous hand-painted tokusa* style glaze. Traditionally used for Japanese hot pot meals such as shabu shabu and yosenabe, Rikyu Tokusa is also an ideal vessel for stewing and braising.

The porous nature of the Iga-sourced clay allows it to retain heat long after being removed from flame, making it suitable for serving at the table, where it makes for a beautiful presentation as well as a convenient serving bowl. Pair with a rush trivet to protect your table from heat when serving direct from the stove or oven.

Specifically for use on gas stovetops, over an open flame, or in an oven up to 500°F. Cannot be used on electric stovetops.

Materials: Clay from the Iga region of Japan, non-toxic natural glaze.

Designed and made in Iga, Japan.

Measures 8.1” x 5.1” , holds .75 qt.

*Tokusa is the name of a plant which grows natively in Japan and has thin straight leaves, inspiring the thin straight brush strokes on the donabe's glaze.