De JONG & Co.

Geode Charred Cup in Natural Walnut Wood


Playfully elegant, these tiny geodesic-shaped cups are milled, cut, and turned entirely by hand from scrap ends of larger woodworking projects. Multifunctional, you can use them either as sweet micro-storage containers or sipping glasses for whiskey and such.

Featuring a charred interior inspired by the traditional, time-honored technique of distilleries who char the inside of their barrels before aging, as well as the Japanese practice 'shou sugi ban', designed to help preserve the wood and protect it from weathering and moisture retention.

Finished with De JONG's in-house wood butter, a truly natural, petroleum byproduct-free, food-safe blend of organic oils and waxes.

Also available in 'Sphere'.

Based in Los Angeles, De JONG & Co. is truly a family affair – this design forward woodworks company is run by a family of 7. With combined histories in interior and furniture design, sculpture, and construction, the De Jongs have articulated a uniquely sophisticated collection of products for the contemporary home and lifestyle.

Materials: Walnut [Juglans] wood finished with food-safe wood butter (organic walnut [Juglans] oil, organic orange [Citrus sinensis] oil, organic beeswax, candelilla [Euphorbia antisyphilitica] wax, organic carnauba [Copernicia prunifera] wax).

Designed and made in Los Angeles.

Measures 2"x2"x2". Holds ~1.75 oz.