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Saba Jam

Organic Aprium Noyaux Jam

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An award-winning jam made with locally grown apriums (an absurdly delicious hybrid of apricot and plum with the perfect balance of sweet and tart) and in-house made noyaux (aka almond extract) because Saba Parsa is crazy amazing.

Simultaneously rich and bright like the Summer sun, prepare yourself to want to go for a swim in this stuff (or at the very least eat gobs of it straight out of the jar).

Pair with an extra-buttery croissant for breakfast, with grana padano and almonds as part of a cheese plate, or dolloped on top of salted caramel flan for an unbelievably decadent dessert.

Other flavors available: Blueberry Verjus and Tayberry Rose.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, semi-nomadic Good Food Award-winning Saba Jam makes hyper-seasonal small-batch preserves from organic and locally grown fruits.

Ingredients: Frog Hollow Farm organic apriums, house-made almond extract (noyaux), organic sugar, organic lemon juice.

Slow made by hand with seasonal fruits in San Francisco, California.

Each jar contains 8 oz.