Gary Paul Nabhan

Gathering the Desert


An epically important piece of nature writing, iconic ethnobotanist and agricultural ecologist Gary Paul Nabhan combs the deserts of the American Southwest and Northern Mexico in search of several nearly forgotten edible and medicinal native plants of the area and the indigenous people who know them best.

Highlighting just a dozen of these plants, Nabhan tells the stories of chiltepines, creosote, organpipe cactus fruits, tepary beans, and others in fascinating detail – each plant exemplifying a symbolic or ecological relationship the region's indigenous people have had with their local plants for as long as we can know.

Winner of the John Burroughs Medal for natural history writing.

Soft cover with black and white illustrations throughout.

Edition: 1987.

Condition: Practically perfect vintage.

Measures ~7.5"x9.5". 209 pages.