Ehrenfried E. Pfeiffer

Weeds and What They Tell


Calling into question the very concept of 'weeds,' author and biodynamic agriculturist Pfeiffer asks us to not vilify but celebrate and study these prolific plants for their many uses, for it is only then that we can understand when, how and why we might try to remove them from our gardens and other cultivated landscapes.

Covering many of the most common 'weed' varieties in North America, from purslane and plantain to morning glory and mallow, he highlights the ability of these persistent plants to indicate soil type and health or lack thereof, lists what and what not to incorporate into the compost heap, and reminds the reader that in some cases they might offer medicinal properties beneficial to humans and their animals.

Soft cover with black and white illustrations throughout.

Edition: 1981.

Condition: Aged to perfection.

Measures ~5"x8". 96 pages.