Bob Dinetz

Frog Vase in Rusted Blush


A simple and sweet form that is functionally both vase and flower frog. The frog holes are arranged in a radial configuration and made in two sizes to easily hold flower stems. Finished with a rusted blush colored glaze, this piece brings warmth to whatever space it's in.

Each piece is crafted by hand, making for subtle differences in physique, with beautiful natural glaze variation.

Also available in Speckled Stone glaze.

BD Pottery is the result of accomplished graphic designer Bob Dinetz's passion for ceramics, beginning as a collector and culminating in his refined creations of elegant and peaceful shapes featuring distinctive clays and natural glazes.

Materials: Clay, natural non-toxic glaze.

Designed and made in Berkeley, California.

Measures 3.5"x4.75".

Note: As these are made entirely by hand and with natural materials, variations in size and glaze color may occur.