Xenia Telunts

Felted Wool Vest in Undyed Charcoal


Structured and ultra-boxy, this versatile, gender-neutral felted wool vest wears best as an outer layer. Features wide-cut arm holes to allow room for chunky layers underneath, and two ultra-deep hip pockets for whatever you can throw their way.

Naturally self-cleaning, felted wool repels water and dirt, and its keratin content breaks down sweat that may accumulate on the surface of the fiber during wear, making woolen items extremely easy to care for and an ideal material for winter weather outerwear. Allow woolens to air out for one full day after each wear for best results.

Each vest comes with a one-of-a-kind vintage Soviet badge from Russia.

Based in England, Xenia Telunts is a Muscovite designer making distinctive wearable gender neutral garments from both local and organic natural fibers, left undyed or naturally dyed. Inspired by the USSR principles of doing more with less and honoring the land, Xenia Telunts' employment of local manufacturing and zero-waste pattern cutting techniques allow them to create truly sustainable, ethical garments that will last a lifetime.

Materials: Undyed felted British wool, recycled plastic buttons, eco ink-stamped cotton label, organic cotton care tag, organic cotton thread.

Designed, raised, and handmade in England.

Model is 6' and wearing a size M.

Pictured worn with Fisherman Sweater, Pleated Taper Trousers, and Marled Rib Hat.