Knowles and Prewitt

Institutional Racism in America


Long before concepts such as 'systemic racism' and 'micro-aggressions' had become common language, the multiple contributors to Institutional Racism in America document the same patterns of subtle (and not so subtle) prejudices and fundamental inequities from 50 years ago that continue to cause unrest in America today, highlighting the need for a complete reformation of our institutions so that we may provide a more equitable and sustainable future for everyone.

The chapter titles give a good sense of the book's content, including 'Institutional and Ideological Roots of Racism', 'The Miseducation of White Children', 'Why White Americans are Healthier' and 'Racism in our Political Institutions'.

Soft cover.

Edition: 1969.

Condition: Practically perfect considering its age.

Measures ~5.5"x8". 180 pages.