McLuhan and Fiore

The Medium is the Massage


This iconic graphic design-led piece asks the reader to consider how electric technology, the medium of our time, is fundamentally changing the way we live our lives – the way we relate to our families, friends, political institutions, and the 'other', the way our education is structured and how we engage with it, and the way we consume and process information. Originally titled 'The Medium is the Message', a phrase the author coined in a previous work, but scrapped for the more visceral 'massage'.

Simultaneously very serious and full of tongue-in-cheek humor, The Medium is the Massage demands critical thought of our day-to-day experience.

Soft cover with black and white photographs and illustrations throughout.

Edition: 1967.

Condition: Excellent, just a bit of visible wear to the exterior.

Measures ~4"x7". ~160 pages.