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Rebecca Burgess



With the fashion industry being one of the largest and most polluting on the planet, founder of the eponymous non-profit Rebecca Burgess's Fibershed: Growing a Movement of Farmers, Fashion Activists, and Makers for a New Textile Economy couldn't be more relevant. At once an inspiration and a call to action, Burgess implores us to reevaluate our wardrobes in an entirely new way – to learn the dirty details embedded within the fabrics of our lives from start to finish, and to reenvision what a local, regenerative textile economy might look like moving into the future.

Starting with the story of her personal textile journey, Burgess discusses at length the relationship between agriculture and clothing, the dangers of synthetic chemistry in the fashion industry, and how working with a community-based model can be the solution not only to healing our broken textile system but repairing unhealthy soils and ameliorating climate change all the while.

Features dedicated sections to multiple natural fiber sources – from cotton and wool to hemp and flax, including the costs and benefits to scaling each domestically.

Soft cover with color illustrations and photographs throughout.

Part of our Fibershed collection.

Fibershed is a nonprofit organization developing regional and regenerative fiber systems in cooperation with independent producers, providing opportunities to implement carbon sequestration systems on farms, forming catalytic foundations to rebuild regional manufacturing, and connecting end-users to farms and ranches via public education. Our Fibershed producer partners are leaders in the movement to restore fully traceable, locally focused supply chains to craft the highest quality textile and body care products from entirely natural, non-toxic materials.

Edition: 2019.

Condition: New.

Measures ~7"x10". 288 pages.