Leonard Wickenden

Gardening With Nature


An early entry in the organic gardening revival movement, author, gardener and chemist Wickenden illustrates how home gardeners need not rely on synthetic pesticides or fertilizers in order to produce a healthy set of crops, and in fact that by implementing natural methods such as worm castings, cover crop planting, and any one of the myriad methods available for composting one can not only produce an even more successful garden, all the while remediating poor soils and providing oneself and neighbors fresh fruits and vegetables.

Features special sections on the costs and benefits of tilling soil, how to attract and utilize beneficial insects and birds, and seed saving.

Hard cover with both black and white and color illustrations throughout.

Edition: 1956.

Condition: Well worn in and loved, but structurally sound. Contains the occasional handwritten note and underline.

Measures ~5.5"x8". 406 pages.