Craig Adcock

James Turrell: The Art of Light and Space


A 'coffee table book' in appearances only, this incredibly rich work is a text-heavy (and physically heavy!) analysis of the fundamental properties of contemporary artist James Turrell's creative work and processes. Informed by extensive interviews with Turrell by the author, The Art of Light and Space mixes relevant historical perspectives, technical and scientific details, and the author and Turrell's respective thoughts on his work, to craft an enlightening and multi-angled overview of one of history's most significant artists.

Includes evocative and detailed descriptions of specific pieces spanning much of Turrell's career, including the infamous and unfinished Roden Crater project, photo documentation of installations, preparatory drafts and sketches, unbelievably absurd anecdotes, and insights into Turrell's personality that add extra dimension to an appreciation of his work.

Edition: 1990.

Condition: Gently used.

Measures ~12"x9.5". 271 pages.