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Rosey Grier

Rosey Grier's Needlepoint for Men


From the jacket copy:

"What happens when a tough cookie tackles the finer things in life? Will he leave people in stitches? Must he take a little gentle needling?"

Former New York Giants and Los Angeles Rams tackle Rosey Grier defies modern American stereotypes of masculinity, highlighting the epic importance of male engagement in such slow and mindful activities as needlepoint. Touching a bit on the history of men in needlepoint, Grier discusses his own experience falling in love with the craft with evangelical zeal, teaches individual stitches in technical detail, and perhaps most of all asks that readers disregard gender biases rooted in societal expectations and "dig themselves."

Featuring project ideas, specific step-by-step how-to's, as well as blocking, finishing, and mounting information.

Hard cover with both black and white and color photographs and illustrations throughout.

Edition: 1973.

Condition: Fantastic vintage, with the bulk of the wear taken by the dust jacket.

Measures ~9"x11.5". 158 pages.