MMclay Ceramics

Dinner Plate


A foundation piece for any meal, these large dinner plates can serve to accentuate small dishes with generous negative space, accommodate large portions edge-to-edge, or be topped with a small bowl for dipping. With a relaxed yet masterful display of ceramic technique, distinctive custom glazes, and a wabi-sabi playfulness, these plates are a versatile fit for home or professional kitchens.

Dishwasher and microwave safe. Oven safe up to ~200° F for warming.

Part of MMclay's Sierra line, featuring a natural rust-colored clay base and vibrant earth toned glazes that are hand painted on with a hake brush. Each features a signature spiral texture on the underside and an MMclay stamp on the bottom.

Materials: Clay, non-toxic natural glaze.

Made in San Francisco, California.

Measures 11" wide.