Bert Robinson

The Basket Weavers of Arizona


Bert Robinson, a midwestern man, adventured out West in search of something and found himself in Arizona. Through a series of jobs working for the United States government on various land and water management projects, he met and came to know intimately several native peoples of Arizona. This book is his literary love affair with the life and work of those he met, with the primary focus being on basketry, as their baskets are one of their most unique vessels of expression, and some of the best regarded in the country.

Covering the history, culture, and art of the Pima, Apache, Papago, Yavapai, Walapai, Havasupai, Chemehuevi, and Hopi peoples in levels of detail varying based upon the intimacy of his relationship with them.

Hard cover with both black and white and color photographs throughout.

Edition: 1954.

Condition: Impeccable, with a name and date written on the inside cover.

Measures ~7"x10". 164 pages.