Edward Abbey

The Journey Home


One of Edward Abbey's lesser-known but no less excellent books, this collection of essays beautifully illustrates Abbey's complex relationship with nature, freedom, capitalism, and more. As usual, much of the subject matter here is disturbingly relevant today, and often reveals how without concrete and persistent action, environmental issues will persist indefinitely in the face of resource-hungry industrialism.

Covering decades of his writing career, these essays range in style from verging on urban Beat to downright wilderness Gonzo, as he rafts down the Green River, documents environmental degradation across the southwest, and stubbornly insists on driving a brand new sedan to its death on a 50-mile stretch of Texas desert backroad.

Soft cover with black and white illustrations throughout.

Edition: 1977.

Condition: Solid, with generally clean pages and a broken-in spine. Date written on front inside cover.

Measures ~6"x9". 242 pages.