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Burnham and Burnham

Keep Me Warm One Night: Early Handweaving in Eastern Canada


A rare and epic account of the handweaving of pioneer societies of Eastern Canada. Comprehensive and colorfully illustrated with over 500 photographs, this tome is the culmination of the authors' twenty-five years of study in collaboration with the Textile Department of the Royal Ontario Museum.

Featuring in-depth information on weaving equipment used, historical materials used for weaving, and several thread by thread and profile drafts for the weaver interested in recreating or drawing from some of the designs.

The title comes from an old weaving draft found in Cape Breton, and is one of the authors' favorite weave titles.

Hard cover with both black and white and color photographs.

Edition: 1972.

Condition: Worn in vintage, with most of the weathering taken by the dust jacket. Clean interior minus a handwritten name on the endpaper.

Measures ~8"x12". 387 pages.