Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Dye Plants and Dyeing


A special edition handbook put out by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on the subject of dye plants and natural dyeing from cultures around the world, from countries with well-known dye histories like Japan and Thailand to nations lesser known for their dye culture, such as Canada and Norway.

This compact volume explains the history, basic process of mordanting and dyeing, and provides a lengthy list of dye plants (with botanical illustrations) and the colors they create, all in illuminating and easy to understand language.

Includes several recipes.

Soft cover with color photographs and black and white illustrations and photographs throughout.

Edition: 1970. Volume 20, Issue no. 3 of Plants & Gardens.

Condition: All in all excellent, excepting a couple small scribbles and a neatly written name on the front cover.

Measures ~5"x7". 100 pages.