New York Heartwoods

Cheese Knife in Cedar


These sustainable hardwood cheese knives in vibrant red cedar wood are as elegant as they are ergonomic. Handcrafted, durable, and naturally finished, these knives work well with most soft to medium-hard cheeses.

Also available in maple, walnut, and cherry.

Utilizing felled urban trees otherwise set to be burned, chipped, or landfilled, New York Heartwoods transforms materials that would normally become waste into gorgeous, sustainable woodworks.

To care for natural wood products, re-oil as needed (when they look dry, or every ~6 months) with organic flaxseed oil. To clean, wash with gentle soap, rinse, and wipe dry. Do not soak for extended periods, or clean in dishwasher.

Materials: Eastern red cedar (Juniperus virginiana) wood, linseed oil finish.

Harvested, designed, and made in New York's Hudson Valley.

Measures ~8".