Composting for the Tropics
Composting for the Tropics
Composting for the Tropics

Henry Doubleday Research Association

Composting for the Tropics

Composting for the Tropics

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A collection of fascinating research primarily taken in Africa on the topic of tropical composting for regenerative, bio-intensive agriculture in the world's warmest climes.

From the introduction:

"The problem of tropical agriculture is the speed with which humus breaks down in the soil, from the greater heat hastening the decay, the air drawn down to replace evaporated water, and the replacement of earthworms by white ants, in many countries... In Britain a 20 ton an acre dressing of manure will show an effect on the crop even 20 years later, but in the tropics humus is gone in at most three years, and the land can set like cement. Humus as well as plant foods is a necessity for crops, and in the tropics it is still more necessary to hold some moisture in the soil than on the 'hungriest' sand in Britain."

Soft cover.

Edition: 1963.

Condition: Very good vintage.

Measures ~4"x7". 28 pages.

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