Daphnis & Chloe

Greek Rosemary Leaves


Beloved the world over, rosemary is one of those indispensable herbs no cook should live without. Delicate and well-balanced, these rosemary leaves have that wonderful pine quality along with a unique balsamic note that sets them apart from most grocery store varieties. 

Ultra-versatile, we love using rosemary in everything from home-baked sourdough and herbaceous bone broths to lemon pound cakes and sugar cookies.

To make a simple spice blend, crush using a mortar and pestle along with peppercorns and coarse salt.

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Daphnis & Chloe is an Athens-based culinary herb and spice company dedicated to sourcing Mediterranean ingredients of the finest quality from small organic family farms.

Ingredients: Naturally farmed rosemary leaves.

Grown and packed in Greece.

Each jar contains 0.49 oz.