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Henry-Russell Hitchcock

In the Nature of Materials: The Buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright 1887-1941


Covering the first 50 years of the famed architect's work, In the Nature of Materials is a well illustrated and eloquent summation of Frank Lloyd Wright's career – from his early apprenticeships to his cantilevered skyscrapers, with an emphasis on his unique passion for specificity of materials in relation to the greater architectural space.

Includes details of projects domestic and commercial, his hiatus during the late '20s and early '30s, and the creative influence the Great Depression and World War II inevitably had on his perspectives relating to the necessity of practicality within architectural projects.

Soft cover with black and white photographs and illustrations throughout.

Edition: 1978, fourth printing of the republished 1942 edition.

Condition: Overall excellent, with a large handwritten name on the inside cover.

Measures ~9"x8". 143 pages.