Industry of All Nations

Alpaca Wool Turtleneck Sweater in Undyed Black


Medium-heavy weight turtleneck sweater in a deep natural black alpaca. Thick and tightly hand-knit, with solid construction to keep your core insulated and warm through cold winters. Luxuriously soft Bolivian alpaca fiber is warmer than sheep's wool and naturally hypoallergenic.

Embodying the 'think locally, act globally' mentality, Industry of All Nations is a project-based clothing company that partners with producers all over the world to produce sustainable apparel and accessories. The Alpaca Project is one such partnership. Working with a cooperative of local knitters, indigenous Bolivian alpaca, and their herders, Industry creates sweaters and beanies from exclusively undyed alpaca fiber – showcasing their natural colors and texture with clean and understated designs.

Materials: Undyed alpaca woolorganic cotton tag.

Raised and made in Bolivia.

Chest 20" 21" 22"
Length 25"
Sleeve 24" 25" 26"

Compare above measurements to your favorite sweater for ideal fit.

Models are 5'10" and 5'7" respectively, and are both wearing a size medium.

First model pictured wearing British Jeans in Bark Brown Velvet. Second model pictured wearing Bridge Trousers in Bark Brown Corduroy.