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Sonoko Sakai

Japanese Home Cooking


A beautiful and well laid out guide to the art of Japanese home cooking from Sonoko Sakai. With an emphasis on high-quality, seasonal ingredients, and simple but highly articulate traditional preparation techniques, Sakai walks the reader through the kitchen from pantry staples and Japanese classics to her more experimental takes on comfort foods, giving both the beginner and the seasoned chef a clear understanding of a truly holistic approach to cuisine.

Features recipes for everything from onigiri and yakisoba to strawberry daifuku mochi and amazake ice pops with pickled cherry blossoms.

Sonoko Sakai is a Los Angeles-based chef, food writer, and teacher with a culinary philosophy rooted in her Japanese heritage. 

Hard cover with color photographs throughout.

Edition: 2019.

Condition: New.

Measures ~8"x10". 296 pages.