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Spun Steel Urushi Cup

Made to order: Ships in 3-4 weeks

Incredibly lightweight but enduringly hearty, these spun stainless steel drinking vessels are designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. The natural properties of the steel insulate, keeping cool drinks cool much longer than glassware, and the urushi* lacquer on the tooled exterior makes for a strong, comfortable grip.

Each piece is a unique, handmade functional art object that lends elegance to any drinking experience. With an especially thin lip for pleasant mouthfeel, the edge of the cup is barely perceptible and exquisitely subtle.

Cups come individually packaged in a beautiful paper box, making for easy gifting.

Hand wash only.

Materials: Stainless steel, urushi lacquer.

Made in Japan.

The short cup contains 330 mL. The tall cup contains 410 mL.

*The dark coloration of these cups comes from natural urushi lacquer, a traditional plant-based sealant derived from the Asian lacquer tree used throughout history to create a durable and water-resistant protective coating on all manner of materials. Lacquerware crafts were eventually elevated over time to a unique art form as the application of natural lacquer is extremely difficult and intense, requiring extensive practice and expertise to yield a beautiful and usable result.