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Edo Broomcorn Lazy Broom


Broom as functional art – a beautiful tool that encourages its own use. The simple act of sweeping becomes therapeutic with these Edo-style brooms designed by acclaimed designer Masanori Oji.

Utilizing natural broomcorn, or sorghum, the fibers are strong without being coarse, and are well suited for a variety of flooring inside and out. The natural elasticity of broomcorn allows these brooms to swiftly move dust, dirt, and hair with ease, and being entirely natural fibers means no static is built up in the process, making for easy cleaning.

Features a unique umbrella-style handle for ease of access and display.

Pair with a washi dustpan to help yourself look forward to sweeping daily.

Materials: Broomcorn (Sorghum bicolor) bristles, rattan handle finished with polyurethane*, cotton twine.

Designed and made in Japan.

Measures 29”x7"x1.5".

*Note: Housework generally tries to avoid all wood products finished with synthetic finishings, such as polyurethane, mineral oil, etc. This item was ordered by mistake, and rather than let it go to waste we're listing it here until sold out.