11.11 / Eleven Eleven

Kantha Quilt in Naturally Dyed Indigo Patchwork

$525.00 $425.00

A rich, oceanic overlap of various shades of patchwork indigo and contrasting undyed organic cotton kantha stitching make these lightweight quilts immersive visual experiences. Made from the off-cuts of 11.11's fashion line, each piece is rendered different from the rest, and eliminates what for many clothing companies ends up being a major material waste.

Equally well purposed for display, snuggling, or as a picnic or beach blanket. Includes a carrier strap for easy transportation.

Bridging traditional Indian textile arts and contemporary design, 11.11 works with handloomed fabrics and traditional plant dyes to produce easy-wearing, versatile pieces with a subtle but distinctively Indian touch.

Materials: Certified organic and upcycled cotton (undyed, and naturally dyed with fermented indigo), organic cotton thread, organic and upcycled cotton carrier with nickel plated steel buckles.

Designed, grown, sewn and dyed in India.

Measures ~45"x90".

Note: This item is naturally dyed. With some naturally dyed items, you may detect the mild scent of herbs, minerals, or fermentation used in the dyeing process, and/or experience color crocking and rub-off when new. Learn more about caring for naturally dyed clothing on our fabric care page.