Dress Shirt in Undyed Colorganic® Cotton

Button Color

Elegant and formal with a slim silhouette and Mandarin collar, Kosa's 'Brandon' shirt is a classic men's dress shirt with impeccably tailored details.

Made from a crisp, limited-run 6.5-oz colorgrown cotton chambray, ringspun and woven in Japan, with incredible natural variations that include accents of rich brown. Sits cool against the skin, but with a tight weave for good insulation when layered.

Features pleated cuffs, curved hem, band collar, and vintage shell buttons.

Naturally colored cottons are heirloom varieties of cotton with roots tracing back thousands of years, that contain brown, green, or reddish pigments within their own fibers. These breeds exhibit not only uniquely beautiful undyed hues, but also offer greater resistance to UV radiation, bacterial growth, mildew, staining, and water due their substantially higher concentrations of tannins and protective waxes in comparison to white cotton. Naturally colored cottons are more drought tolerant and pest resistant, making them easier to grow organically.

Part of our Fibershed collection.

Informed by a lifetime of experience in the apparel industry, Kosa designer Elaine Hamblin crafts finely tailored, distinctive designs from high quality natural fibers in Oakland, CA. This collection of pieces celebrates the fabrics of Sally Fox, the renowned naturally-colored cotton breeder and textile designer whose rare materials form the base of each garment. Hamblin's attention to detail and expertise in a wide range of styles results in silhouettes that are sometimes classic, sometimes experimental, but always striking.

Materials: Certified undyed organic cotton, undyed Colorganic® certified Coyote cotton, vintage shell buttons, cotton thread, cotton size tag, polyester brand tag.

Grown in New Mexico, woven in Japan, and sewn in Oakland, California.

Neck 14.75" 15.5" 16.25" 17" 17.75"
Chest 33" 36" 39" 42" 45"
Waist 27" 30" 33" 36" 39"
Hip 33" 36" 39" 42" 45"

Compare above measurements to your favorite shirt for ideal fit. Please keep in mind that all size charts are direct from the manufacturer and slight variations may occur.

Model is 5'10 and wearing a size small.

Pictured worn with British Jeans in Bark Brown Selvedge Denim.