Kosa Silk & Wool Shawl in Indigo

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This reversible shawl features rich natural indigo cast against an array of undyed neutral tones in a fine chevron pattern that's almost iridescent from the right angle and distance. Handwoven in a remote region of the Himalaya from locally raised, naturally dyed sheep's wool and handspun wild kosa silk.

Lightweight yet incredibly warm, it can be worn a variety of ways including draped over the shoulders or wrapped around the neck as a thick scarf. Though delicately thin, the combination of such durable materials as silk and wool in these pieces makes them resilient and usable despite their beauty.

Materials: Wild kosa silk, sheep's wool (naturally dyed with fermented indigo).

Raised, dyed, and woven in India.

Measures 7'2.5"x3'2.5".

Pictured worn with Time Jacket in Indigo, Mandarin Collar Button-up in Indigo, and British Jeans in Bark Brown Velvet.

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Note: This item is naturally dyed. With some naturally dyed items, you may detect the mild scent of herbs, minerals, or fermentation used in the dyeing process, and/or experience color crocking and rub-off when new. Learn more about caring for naturally dyed clothing on our fabric care page.