Christine Lewis x Housework

Linen Napkin in Two Tones of English Walnut


Wonderfully tactile linen cloth napkins dyed in a bath of locally gathered English walnuts, and hand-painted with a rich homemade walnut ink made from the same tree five years previous.

Sold individually to allow for mixing and matching.

Napkins also come in Avocado, Acorn with Painted Oak-Iron, and Blackberry Leaf-Rosemary with Oak-Iron Finish.

Christine Lewis is a natural dyer, maker, and gardener from the UK whose approach to dyeing emphasizes a waste-free and efficient use of natural resources for creative use. This collaboration with Housework features her signature natural dyes paired with pure Lithuanian linen and cotton stitching. Each napkin is sewn and hand-dyed by the artist using plants she's grown in her garden, foraged, or received as food waste from the local community.

Materials: OEKO-Tex certified linen (naturally dyed with English walnut [Juglans regia]), cotton thread.

Flax grown and woven in Lithuania. Napkins sewn and naturally dyed in England.

Unfolded, each napkin measures 16"x16".