Looming Jane

Skyline Scarf in Double Ikat Kakishibu


This virtuosic piece's complex ikat patterning forms a 'skyline' of kakishibu* dyed & undyed organic cotton on either end of the scarf, cast against a weft of pure undyed black alpaca wool.

Looming Jane's subtle but complex textiles are hand dyed, and hand woven exclusively with organic, American yarns, focusing primarily on the natural shades of both plant and animal fibers, in addition to using natural dyes.

Materials: Certified organic cotton warp (naturally dyed with kakishibu and iron), undyed black alpaca wool weft, polyester tag.

Designed, dyed, and woven in New York.

Measures 10"x6'6".

Pictured worn with British Jeans in Undyed Canvas.

*Kakishibu is a traditional Japanese fermented persimmon dye.

Note: This item is naturally dyed. With some naturally dyed items, you may detect the mild scent of herbs, minerals, or fermentation used in the dyeing process, and/or experience color crocking and rub-off when new. Learn more about caring for naturally dyed clothing on our fabric care page.