Wes Jackson, Wendell Berry, and Bruce Colman

Meeting the Expectations of the Land


A collection of essays in sustainable agriculture and stewardship from some of the most eloquent voices in the environmental movement – Gary Paul Nabhan, Wendell Berry, and Gene Logsdon to name a few.

From the publisher:

"The problems facing agriculture today are well known, and there are many: topsoil erosion, lowered water tables, reliance on pesticides, dependence on machinery, the overcapitalization of agriculture, the decline of the rural economy, the energy and dollar cost as well as the health problems associated with commercial fertilizer, the shrinking number of family farms, the increasing dependence on fossil fuels... the list goes on and on. These are serious problems that must be addressed before it's too late. But the contributors to this volume see them as symptomatic of more basic flaws in our agriculture system. They look beneath the many problems to their underlying roots, and they propose fundamental corrections rather than surface adjustments.

This is most definitely not a fuzzy headed call back to the land, a mystical evocation of agrarian simplicity, a quasi-religious experience. These authors are hard-headed realists who can back up the poetic with the experimental and the factual. Together they show us the path that we must follow. It is up to us to heed their call."

Soft cover.

Edition: 1984.

Condition: Very good vintage.

Measures ~6"x9". 250 pages.