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David Reck

Music of the Whole Earth

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A thorough and holistic perspective on the many musical cultures of the world, from Japan to Java to the American South. Writing with a clear passion for his subject, musician, teacher, and author David Reck renders the subject of musicology accessible for even the most nonmusical reader, drawing parallels between the rich sounds of myriad cultures' instruments, and what of our daily lives brings so many of us to make music.

In the words of the author: “I study music and play it, primarily for that magical touch, an emotional contact with music itself that mystically makes me (and others) more human, more attuned to the ecology of ourselves and the world.”

Soft cover with black and white photographs throughout.

Edition: 1977.

Condition: Excellent for its age.

Measures ~8.5"x11". 545 pages.