Naboru Muramoto

Healing Ourselves


Founded on the principles of Eastern medicinal thought, Healing Ourselves is a guide to remedying oneself of illness and suffering through the deeper understanding of the functions of the human body, relationships between body parts and body and soul, and with the use of food as medicine.

With methods for self-diagnosis, recommendations for how to select food based on flavor and subsequent effect, and recipes for edible medicines such as corn silk tea for suffering kidneys, umeboshi for a wide variety of applications, and miso soup for good metabolism and general immunity.

Compiled from a series of lectures by Naboru Muramoto, a well-respected practitioner of macrobiotics, acupuncture, and herbalism through the 1970s and '80s.

Soft cover with black and white illustrations throughout.

Edition: 1973.

Condition: Great, with expected wear for its age, primarily on the exterior. One page features some highlighting from a former owner.

Measures ~ 8.5"x11". 150 pages.