Bog Myrtle Incense


A dark and moody sort, this bog myrtle cone incense adds an intangible depth to a room's scentscape. Often compared to clove in regards to its fragrance, bog myrtle is a hardy flowering plant in the bayberry family known for growing on hard to access mountainsides and coastal cliffs, and is revered for its use as a natural and pleasant insect repellant. 

To use, simply light the top end with a match or a lighter, let the flame develop for a second or two, and then put out and allow the smoke to billow throughout a well ventilated space. Alternatively, cover the burning incense with a funnel top for a quicker burst of fragrance. Place in an incense dish or on a coin or plate to keep ash contained.

Comes in a biodegradable box with a coin for burning.

Cone incense also available in Juniper, Lemon Balm, and Wild Fennel.

Founded on the thalassotherapeutic properties of seaweed, Haeckels crafts high-quality natural incense and body care products with truly arresting aromas, with everything being made from local, organic, or sustainably harvested wild ingredients in the modest seaside town of Margate, England. As the company relies on the ocean for its sustenance, sustainability is an inherent part of the business model. All Haeckels products are packaged in glass, aluminum, paper, or a mycelium form, with little or no plastics, and they are constantly innovating cleaner alternatives for both product packaging as well as shipping materials.

Ingredients: Raw incense wood pulp, bog myrtle (Myrica gale) oil.

Made in the UK.

Contains ~17 cones.