Mohanty, Chandramouli & Naik

Natural Dyeing Processes of India


This rare and unique volume goes into exhaustive (not to mention refreshingly technical and scientific) detail regarding an extremely broad range of Indian natural dyestuffs and the various techniques for their effective application in contemporary and traditional practice.

Colors are explored from a variety of technical angles with notes on each one for comparison by the reader to potentially inform their own practice. Some techniques lend themselves better to larger-scale productions, while others are easily adapted to the home dyer's studio.

Essential reading for serious natural dyers and textile nerds in general, this beautifully aged copy is equally fascinating for those possessing a general fascination with chemistry and the limitless creative possibilities humans can reach in experimental collaboration with their natural surroundings.

Hard cover with both black and white and color photographs throughout.

Edition: 1987.

Condition: Used, with a lovely patina on the exterior and a clean interior.

Measures ~11.5"x8.5". 298 pages.