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Yak Khullu Table Runner in Undyed Two-Tone

$220.00 $170.00

As functional as they are beautiful, these felted yak khullu* table runners provide superior protection for wooden dining tables through their remarkable insulating, antimicrobial, and stain resistant properties. Just in case someone forgets to place the donabe back on a trivet, it's good to have a powerfully heat resistant material running down the length of your table as a backup.

See our fabric care section for tips on how best to care for felted wool.

Based on the Tibetan Plateau, Norlha works with local communities and indigenous yak to marry traditional and modern production techniques, crafting ecologically symbiotic apparel and home goods of the highest quality.

Materials: Felted undyed yak wool.

Raised, designed, and made in Tibet.

Measures 16"x59".

*Khullu is the dense, downy undercoat of yak wool, the finest of all yak fibers.