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Ludwig Wittgenstein

Remarks on Colour

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One of the famed philosopher's last works, Remarks on Colour is Wittgenstein's attempt to clarify the ways in which we experience and speak about color, primarily analyzing through a linguistic lens. Using Goethe's propositions in his Theory of Colours, as well as the observations of German painter Philipp Otto Runge, Wittgenstein addresses our human perceptions and phenomenological impressions of color in a fascinating and fragmentary fashion, complicating the concept and rendering it so much more than static.

Presented in both the original German and an English translation.

Hard cover.

Edition: 1977.

Condition: Excellent overall, with minor warping of the dust jacket and a handwritten name on the inside cover.

Measures ~6"x9". 126 (63 p. per language) pages.