Adrienne Spinozzi

Shapes From Out of Nowhere


A comprehensive overview of 125 modern and contemporary ceramics from Robert A. Ellison Jr.'s private collection, gifted to The Met in honor of the museum's 150th anniversary.

Highlighting the myriad approaches embraced by artists who have challenged the long history of clay and its reliance on the potter’s wheel—from slight deviations of traditional vessel forms to deconstructions that reject utility and exploit the boundless experimentation that the malleable nature of clay affords.

Featuring work by mid-century artists Ken Price, Toshiko Takaezu and Katherine Choy, alongside more contemporary creations by Kathy Butterly, Syd Carpenter and Lynda Benglis.

Hardcover with color photographs throughout.

Edition: 2021.

Condition: New.

Measures ~10"x12". 271 pages.