Looming Jane

Sierra Scarf in Light


A minimalistic exploration of natural colors, the warp of this piece highlights the beautiful Sierra Sienna shade of Sally Fox's Colorganic®* cotton, cast against a pure natural white alpaca wool weft.

Looming Jane's subtle but complex textiles are hand dyed, and hand woven exclusively with organic, American yarns, focusing primarily on the natural shades of both plant and animal fibers, in addition to using natural dyes.

Materials: Organic naturally colored cotton warp, white alpaca wool weft, polyester tag.

Designed and woven in New York.

Measures 7.5"x6'6".

Pictured worn with Short on Time Jacket in Bark Brown Velvet, Kala Khadi Tee in Undyed, and British Jeans in Bark Brown Velvet.

*Colorganic® cotton is naturally pigmented, undyed, and grown organically.