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Rachel Carson

Silent Spring


A rare, out-of-print edition of the groundbreaking work by Rachel Carson. Alerting people worldwide to the adverse effects of synthetic pesticide use on our land, air, and water, as well as our bodies and those of plants and non-human animals, with a fearless determination Carson spurred an environmental revolution which continues to this day.

With a primary focus on DDT, or dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, she illustrates myriad examples of the disastrous consequences of the indiscriminate use of powerful, man-made chemicals on the environment, as well as the dangers in general of attempting to master nature rather than recognize humans' rightful place as stewards.

Hard cover.

Edition: 1963.

Condition: Generally good for its age, with the bulk of the wear taken to the dust jacket. Heavy vintage patina.

Measures ~6"x8". 304 pages.